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Dick Whittington
By Gill Morrell
A fresh version of the classic adventure story with the added ingredients of comedy and spectacle.

Plot Summary
Dick, accompanied by his new friend Tiddles the cat, and encouraged by Fairy Bowbells, journeys to London, not realising that King Rat and his Ratlets intend to use him as a way of gettingĀ  enough money to be able to conquer the world. The shop manageress, Dame Sarah, gives Dick a job at Alderman Fitwarren's Emporium of Delights. He and Alice Fitzwarren immediately fall in love, to the dismay of Idle Jack who also loves Alice. Jack and Tiddles have to guard the payroll overnight, but King Rat and the Ratlets sneak in and steal it. Dick is dismissed and starts back home, but on the way the Fairy appears and tells him to return, as one day he will be Lord Mayor of London.

Meanwhile, Alderman Fitzwarren has a massive order from the Sultan of Morocco for cereals, so everyone boards a ship, including Dick, Tiddles and the Rats as stowaways. There is a terrific storm, everyone is cast overboard, and when they reach the shores of Morocco, the good characters are reunited just before they are arrested by the Sultan's guards. Their fate as slaves and harem girls is, however, prevented when the Rats infest the palace but are driven off by Tiddles. The Sultan sets them all free and rewards Dick handsomely and they all return to London, where Dick is made Lord Mayor.

ISBN 1 904930 90 4




By Dave Buchanan
An historical drama about Mary, Queen of Scots, and her imprisonment on the forbidding island fortress of Lochleven in 1567.

Plot Summary
Mary is brought to Lochleven by Lords Lindsay and Ruthven, and entrusted to the care of Sir William Douglas and his family. She is nursed back to health by Lady Margaret and two servants, Kate and Lizzie. Lindsay and Ruthven force her to abdicate in favour of her infant son James.
She is visited by the Regent Moray, who tells her that he plans to have her confined to a convent. Following a failed escape attempt with George Douglas, the Laird’s younger brother, she finally escapes with the help of 10 year-old Willy Douglas.

ISBN 978-1-907307-91-1

The Secret
By Joy Davis
A mystery thriller played for laughs about three scriptwriters in search of a plot. As they develop it the bodycount keeps mounting. The play is ideal for a young cast, and there are opportunities for doubling up.

Plot Summary
Three writers, Jo, Lee and Mary, take it in turns to develop a madcap plot about Colonel Blaggard, who has a murky past and when he is blackmailed, resorts to violence. The three writers allow their imaginations to run riot as various odd characters get in the way and are dispatched apparently at random. By the end virtually no one is left standing!

ISBN 978-1-907307-92-8




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