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Robin Bailes’s new offering is a first. The Bard’s life has been made into a movie, Shakespeare in Love, about the loss of his muse, but this was largely fictional. Robin’s new pantomime is on the same theme, but has an original plot, with a comic duo, a Dame, principal boy and girl, a villain, plus a coquettish Queen Elisabeth.


Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, is determined to win the Queen’s poetry competition, or ‘sonnet slam’, to find England’s greatest playwright, to whom she will award the title of Court Playwright, and residency of the Globe Theatre.

The evil Earl will stop at nothing to achieve his rascally aims. Click here for details


Ali Baba, Babes in the Wood, Cinderella and Jack & the Beanstalk (with Jonathan Hales).
Robin’s first collaboration with Jonathan, Robin Hood & His Merry Men, continues to break records.

Robin Hood and His Merry Men




Dick Whittington by Simon Rayner Davis
This new version of the well-known tale is a traditional and very funny family pantomime that will appeal to everyone of all ages and can be as elaborately or simply staged as local companies facilities allow. Once more Simon has also incorporated songs with specially rewritten lyrics to enhance the plot that can be used as appropriate although groups can equally choose their own songs.

King Rat is determined to take over London and become the town's next Lord Mayor. Fortunately Fairy Liquid has other ideas and tells King Rat that a certain Dick Whittington is destined to be London's Lord Mayor. Dick arrives in London, looking to make his fortune and immediately falls on his feet, being taken on as an apprentice to Alderman Fitzwarren, at the same time as falling head over heels in love with his daughter Alice. King Rat persuades Idle Jack, Fitzwarren's other disgruntled apprentice who is also in love with Alice to frame Dick for a crime he didn't commit to get rid of him. When that doesn'y work King Rat, along with his devoted Ratlings takes matters into his own hands and looks to drown Fitzwarren, his family and friends aboard the Armadillo. It is left to Dick and his cat Tom to save the day.

Sleeping Beauty by Dave Buchanan
An updated version of Dave Buchanan's classic script. Princess Melody is struck down on her eighteenth birthday by evil witch Grotte the Grim and doomed to sleep for a hundred years.

The Kingdom of Kirkconia celebrates the birth of three royal children but makes the mistake of not inviting Grotte the Grim, the evil witch of the South West. Eighteen years later Grotte takes a terrible revenge and Princess Melody and the whole court fall asleep. In this delightful new version, however, the Princess's two brothers William and Rupert do not fall asleep. With the help of a good fairy, they are joined by suitor Prince Charlie in an epic quest to track down Grotte and cancel her evil spell. A pantomime that is lively, inventive, and ideal for a young, teenage cast.

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