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Tragedy and Comedy


Scripts Suitable for

Robin Bailes’s new offering is a first. The Bard’s life has been made into a movie, Shakespeare in Love, about the loss of his muse, but this was largely fictional. Robin’s new pantomime is on the same theme, but has an original plot, with a comic duo, a Dame, principal boy and girl, a villain, plus a coquettish Queen Elisabeth.


Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, is determined to win the Queen’s poetry competition, or ‘sonnet slam’, to find England’s greatest playwright, to whom she will award the title of Court Playwright, and residency of the Globe Theatre.

The evil Earl will stop at nothing to achieve his rascally aims. Click here for details


Ali Baba, Babes in the Wood, Cinderella and Jack & the Beanstalk (with Jonathan Hales).
Robin’s first collaboration with Jonathan, Robin Hood & His Merry Men, continues to break records.

Robin Hood and His Merry Men


The Beijing Playhouse has booked it for a 13-performance run in December.

Director Chris Verrill said, “We’re looking forward to having a fun Robin Hood this December.” The website describes it as “a fairy tale for the children with a whole level of humor for the adults – a Christmas musical comedy for adults and children alike. Be prepared for a whole new zany twist and a classic story.



One Act Plays About the Great War

The Gathering Storm by Mark Rees
The First World War seen through the eyes of three combatants: a worker, an aristocrat and a recruiting sergeant.

Some Mother's Son by Mark Rees
Award-winning drama set in a casualty clearing station in France about a murder committed by a soldier in the line.

Remembrance (youth play) by Mark Rees
The story of a group of teenagers in 1915, and how they react to pro-war propaganda and peer-group pressure to join up despite being under age. The play also looks at the doomed love affair of two 16 year-olds, Emily and Tom, and the scandal of indifferent politicians.

The Last Post by Jill Sumner
The narrative describes the love affair and marriage of Alick and Molly Merrick, a young couple caught up in the events of the Great War.




Electronic scripts now comprise nearly 70% of our output. For details, see Order Scripts.


As from 1st August 2014 , invoices, receipts and licences will be sent electronically, unless customers specifically request otherwise. Customers will be asked to supply an email address for this purpose. However paper scripts, both reading and acting versions, will continue to be available. These will be in A3 (booklet) format, but an A4 version will be available on request.


The number of electronic reading scripts which a club can request is being increased from one to two. The previous problem of copyright will be resolved by the introduction of watermarks into all electronic reading scripts.


The cost of an electronic reading script will be reduced from £10.00 to £5.00, and this amount will be deducted from the full cost of £75.00.

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