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Or, “Them that died was the lucky ones …”
by Richard Hales, Mike Hogan & Claire Wright
R L Stevenson’s rollicking adventure yarn featuring Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Blind Pew, Ben Gunn et al., brought to vivid life.

Plot Summary
Young Jim and his Mum Harriet find Captain Flint’s map and aided by Squire Trelawney and his daughter Polly set sail in Captain Smollett’s ship “The Golden Behind” to retrieve the treasure. But he is pursued by Flint’s vindictive spirit, and assorted cutthroats, including the infamous Long John Silver.
A feast of fun and adventure, fast-paced, and with “Ha-hars” galore.

by Richard Hales, Mike Hogan & Claire Wright


by Brian Luff

Brian Luff’s new version of Aladdin has Abanazer as an evil pirate captain. Apart from that, the plot has all the features you would expect: a beautiful princess, Widow Twankey, Wishee Washee, two genies  -  and a penguin called Monty! Plus, lots of funny gags and clever wordplays. And pirates, ha-harr!

Plot Summary
Set in Old Peking, the story centres around Widow Twankey and her son Aladdin who is in love with the Emperor’s daughter Princess Eugenie. Meanwhile, evil pirate Captain Abanazer and his wicked crew trick Aladdin into helping them locate a magical lamp on Pirate Island. The Gene Genie who appears from the lamp sets out to help Captain Abanazer become the richest and most powerful man in the kingdom, kidnap the Princess and turn Aladdin’s dreams to dust. Assisted by his friend Wishee Washee and their pet penguin Monty, Aladdin stumbles upon a powerful (if a little awkward) genie of his own who helps him stand up to his wicked uncle. But can Aladdin defeat the pirates, win fame and fortune, marry the princess and live happily ever after?

Sample script: click Aladdin & The Pirates now.

By Dave Buchanan
Sinbad faces dangers galore on Googli Island at the hands of the notorious Pirate Queen, Anna Konda.

Plot Summary
Anna Konda, queen of the pirates, sinks a galleon belonging to the Maharajah of Mumbai and escapes with the treasure. Sinbad is commissioned to retrieve it and sails to remote and mysterious Googli Island with the Maharajah, his daughter Princess Shakira and his Auntie Selima. The rascally queen has prepared all sorts of booby-traps which Sinbad must overcome in his quest.

The script has a kind of Indiana Jones feel, and is packed with laughter, fast-paced, and full of ingenious twists and turns.

Click Sinbad & The Pirate Queen.




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