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  1. We offer over eighty full-length scripts from such established writers as Dave Buchanan, Robin Bailes, Nancy McPherson, Craig Hewlett, Vicky Orman, Ron Nicol, Simon Rayner Davis, Daniel Bell and Joy Davis.
  2. We offer several versions of the most popular traditional titles: Cinderella (8), Aladdin (6), Snow White (6), Ali Baba (5), Dick Whittington (5), Jack & The Beanstalk (5) and Sleeping Beauty (5).
  3. We have a fine range of original titles and adaptations of classic works: Alice in Wonderland, Carol’s Christmas (from A Christmas Carol), Childe Rowland, Flash Gordon the Panto, Geronimo!, Rapunzel, Robinson Crusoe, Rob Roy the Panto, Rumplestiltskin, Stramash, The King’s New Clothes, The Magic Shoes, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, The Snow Queen, The Three Musketeers, The Wizard of Oz Pantomime, Treasure Island, Viva Zorro! and Will Shakespeare The Panto.
  4. We offer paper and electronic downloadable scripts for review or performance. Our full master scripts for performance cost a very competitive £40.00, while E-scripts for review (which are full scripts) cost £5.00.


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Humpty Dumpty by Craig Hewlett

Dursley Operatic’s 2015 production shows Lydia Kenny as Mary-Mary, Judith Pemberton-Bennetts as the Queen of Hearts, and Alan Stansfield as Old King Cole.

Humpty Dumpty
Craig Hewlett’s inventive reimagining of Nursery Rhyme Land will delight all lovers of pantomime with its mix of song, spectacle and comedy.

Plot Summary
The Kingdom of Nursery Rhymes is under constant threat from the evil Rhyme Catcher who kidnaps and disposes of all the rhymes that parents no longer read to their children. Only Humpty Dumpty is able to keep him out of the kingdom with his constant vigil from his seat upon the wall. With the elections for new rulers to replace Old King Cole and the Queen of Hearts about to take place the Rhyme Catcher blasts Humpty from the wall with a magical storm and kidnaps the Princess Mary-Mary. With help from the Grand Old Duke of York and his army Humpty and Miss Muffet embark on a mission to rescue her from the Rhyme Catcher’s evil Kingdom of Doors. It is Dame Growbag (the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe) however, who has all the hilarious surprises up her ample sleeves!
ISBN 978-1-907307-89-8


A sparkling new version of the classic Arabian Nights tale featuring Aladdin, Princess Yam Yam, Wishee Washee, the Slave of the Ring  and the evil magician Abanazar. We have not one but two dames, Ho Kee and Co Kee, and a most unusual genie, Catnip. Widow Twan Kee appears as Abanazar’s partner-in-crime.

Plot summary
Here we are on familiar ground. Abanazar, searching for the all-powerful lamp, finds that the only one who can unlock its secret is his own nephew Aladdin, who lives in Peking. Aladdin is in love with Princess Yam Yam, and becomes rich thanks to his ownership of the lamp. But he loses it to Abanazar, then retrieves it, and all ends happily.
ISBN 978-1-907307-15-7

This is Craig Hewlett’s updated version of the most loved of all pantos, with loads of knockabout comedy, very funny dialogue and a host of characters including comedy duo Dave and Boris and evil stepmother Devilla Cruel. Plus regulars Baron Hardup, the Ugly Sisters Hernia and Nausea, Dandini, and of course Cinders and her Prince Charming.

Plot Summary
Ella's happy life is turned upside down when her father, Baron Hardup marries the evil Devilla Cruel. Forced into service and sleeping in the fireplace, she is re-christened Cinder-Ella by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters Hernia and Nausea. A chance meeting gets her an invitation to Prince Charming's Birthday Ball and with the aid of her Fairy Godmother and her loyal friend Buttons she attends and subsequently falls in love with her Prince. Her new family finds out and determined to end her happiness lock her in the cellar when the Prince comes calling for the foot to fit the glass slipper. Buttons saves the day and they all live happily ever after.
ISBN 1 904930 68 9

Jack & Jill & The Beanstalk
Jack’s adventures up the beanstalk in the land of Guy Ant. Plus, a host of colourful characters including wicked Squire Sir Nicholas, and devious duo Robin Ublind and Conrad Fidence-Tryckster.

Jack's mum Dame Dolly Mixtures can't pay the rent so they sell off the family pet Daisy the camel. Two con men sell Jack some magic beans, and when he plants these, he is transported to the land of the Giant, where he fights the said giant and nicks his golden goose. Meanwhile evil Squire Sir Nicholas has kidnapped Jill, but all ends happily - of course!
ISBN1 904930 92 1

Snow White
A new version of the classic tale featuring the Wicked Queen, the Seven Dwarves, and a new comedy duo, Gladiators Wolf & Scorpio.

Plot Summary
The Wicked Queen’s Magic Mirror tells her that her stepdaughter Snow White is the fairest in the land. The Queen tells her Gladiators, Wolf and Scorpio, to take her into the forest and kill her. But they let her go, and she seeks refuge in the house of the Seven Dwarves. The Queen, disguised as an old woman, gives Snow White the Poisoned Apple, but she recovers. The Seven Dwarves devise a cunning plan to enter the Queen’s castle and deal with  her once and for all.
ISBN 978-09560209-8-7

Young Sherlock Holmes &
The Case of Dick Whittington’s Cat
A fresh take on the classic tale of Dick Whittington with the addition of a young version of Conan Doyle’s great detective Sherlock Holmes, and large helpings of hilarious comedy.

Plot summary
Dick arrives in London with his cat Thomas, finds work at the home of Baron Landscape, and falls in love with the Baron’s daughter Marigold. The evil King Rat, Bubonic III, plots his downfall. But he joins the crew of Captain Roger Albatross and sets sails for the Americas. After a series of adventures on a cannibal island, ruled by Queen Lompebom, he is rescued  -  in the nick of time  -  by his cat Thomas, Dame Maisie Luvaduck, and of course, Young Sherlock.
ISBN  1-904930-51-4

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