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  1. We offer over eighty full-length scripts from such established writers as Dave Buchanan, Robin Bailes, Nancy McPherson, Craig Hewlett, Vicky Orman, Ron Nicol, Simon Rayner Davis, Daniel Bell and Joy Davis.
  2. We offer several versions of the most popular traditional titles: Aladdin (6), Cinderella (7), Snow White (6), Ali Baba (5), Dick Whittington (5), Jack & The Beanstalk (5) and Sleeping Beauty (5).
  3. We have a fine range of original titles and adaptations of classic works: Alice in Wonderland, Carol’s Christmas (from A Christmas Carol), Childe Rowland, Flash Gordon the Panto, Geronimo!, Rapunzel, Robinson Crusoe, Rob Roy the Panto, Rumplestiltskin, Stramash, The King’s New Clothes, The Magic Shoes, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, The Snow Queen, The Three Musketeers, The Wizard of Oz Pantomime, Treasure Island, Viva Zorro! and Will Shakespeare The Panto.
  4. Scripts are regularly updated (including topical references).
  5. We’ve reduced the price of our electronic master scripts to £40. PLUS you can print off as many copies as you like.
  6. All scripts come in two formats, paper and electronic downloadable scripts. The latter come in two sizes, large-size A4 and booklet.
  7. Reading copies, both paper and electronic, are available for review at small cost.
  8. We guarantee next-day dispatch of both paper and electronic scripts.
  9. You can read sample scripts onsite (about one fifth of the total script length) which can be downloaded and printed.
  10. E-scripts are normally in pdf format and are read-only. However if you want to make small changes to scripts, like local references, scripts are available in Word format on request.


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Following the success of his first pantomime, Aladdin & The Pirates, Brian has written a fresh version of the classic Cinderella story.


Cinderella & the Crystal Slipper


Cinderella & The Crystal Slipper
Brian Luff's brand new script puts a number of fresh spins on the story while at the same time delivering a traditional family panto with all the usual trimmings. It's crammed with fast, snappy wordplay, accessible modern references and two hilarious slapstick routines. There's something for all the family!

Plot Summary
A timeless tale of rags to riches, Cinderella is the most famous and popular pantomime of them all! Cinderella lives a miserable life and her only friend is her father's manservant Buttons. She is bullied by her stepmother Baroness Camilla and by her horrible Ugly Sisters, Donatella and Britney, but she dreams of love and romance.
When Prince Charming first sees Cinderella he decides to change places with his valet Dandini in order to get to know her better. Cinders, of course, then unwittingly falls in love with Dandini.
When Buttons tells Cinderella there's going to be a Grand Ball at the Royal Palace, she wonders if this could be her big chance to meet Dandini again. But will her sisters ever allow her to go, and whatever is she going to wear?
Things look hopeless, until the appearance of Cinderella's magical Fairy Godmother, who tells her that she will go to the ball and that all her dreams will come true!

ISBN 978-1-907307-87-4

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