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So you’ve had another successful show (it’s always the most successful) and everyone’s asking the same question - what’ll we do next year? Or, how do we follow that? As Chair / Secy of the Reading Sub-Committee you’ve been tasked with providing a script or, at least a short leet, for the Director.


Fear not, Spotlight has over eighty, yes eighty, full-length pantomimes, both traditional and original. And you can get them in paper or electronic format.

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Here are two scripts you might consider:

Alladin & The Pirates
“North Ormesby Minstrels’ production of Aladdin & The Pirates

Brian Luff’s new offering “Aladdin & The Pirates” was performed recently by the North Ormesby Minstrels and received this excellent review from NODA.

“This seasonal offering was superb from start to finish with good acting and singing, colourful costumes, wonderful choreography, great special effects, pyrotechnics, lighting and sound. ‘Traditional’ it was not, as the very clever script saw many modern twists as the evil Captain of the pirates ‘Abanazer’ (Ged Kirkbright) and trusty sidekick ‘Boney Malone’ (Tom Milton) used social media and Google to research his latest ‘plot’, utilising a very authentic computerised ‘Siri’ like voice. Alliteration played heavily on the introduction of the two ‘stooges’ PC Plunk and Plonk of the Palace Patrol of the Peking Police and what a pair they were as they blundered their way through much slapstick to the delight of the audience Jeff Sturdy and Marie Turnbull excelled in the roles.

This panto really had a family feel to it and the audience were made to feel part of the spectacle. A superb example of the panto art with many clever plot twists using video projection – Well done again…”
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Fullarton Theatre’s production of Cinderella


This pic is from The Fullarton Theatre's recent production of “Cinderella” by Nancy McPherson. Director Janet Scott reports "a very successful panto with record ticket sales".
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