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Rumplestiltskin - Pantomime Scripts

King Alfred's coffers are empty (due largely to Chancellor Scrimp helping himself to the ever increasing taxes). He learns of a girl (Marigold) who he mistakenly thinks can turn flax to gold not realising it is only a game she is playing. He throws her in the dungeon and orders her to turn the flax into gold or she will be beheaded. Rumplestiltskin, an evil gnome magically appears and offers to help her in return for her first-born child. She agrees and eventually marries Prince Gerald as reward for doing as she was ordered. When her first son is born Rumplestiltskin reappears to take the child. However he is persuaded to let her keep her son if anyone can guess his name. Among those who are sent round the kingdom are the Knights of the Square Table. Will they be successful? What do you think!


Cast: 4 male 3 female 14 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Joy Davis » Rumplestiltskin