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Sleeping Beauty - Pantomime Scripts

In the Kingdom of Avonia, not much can happen without the help of the Royal Fairies. They provide the bickering King and Queen with a beautiful baby daughter, and when the wicked Black Fairy curses the little girl, they soften its effect so that instead of dying she will sleep for a hundred years. This is not good enough for the King. He doesn’t want to wait a hundred years. He decides to banish the Fairies and save the Princess in his own way. But his methods make the Princess bored and unhappy ... until a handsome prince arrives on her sixteenth birthday. Nor can her fate be avoided. The Fairies are summoned back to send the whole court to sleep. A hundred years later, the handsome Prince awakes and, with the help of the Fairies, awakens the Princess so all ends happily.


Cast: 4 male 7 female 5 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Stephen Curtis » Sleeping Beauty