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Ali Baba - Pantomime Scripts

Ali Baba, the unluckiest man in Baghdad, suddenly gets lucky. He discovers a cave full of treasure. But he is not left long to enjoy his good fortune. Everyone wants to help him spend it, especially his wife, Rhum Baba, and his nasty elder brother, Cassim. The people from whom Ali liberated the treasure arent keen to let him keep it either. When Cassim tries to help himself to some treasure behind Alis back, he falls into the clutches of the robber chief, Abdul al-Haqq. Cassim soon gives away Alis address, and Abdul and his henchmen set off to get revenge. The only wise thing Rhum Baba has done with her money is to buy two female slaves, clever and beautiful Morgiana and willing and helpful Jellipanta (who can only speak through mime). The villains arrive in Baghdad and overpower Ali, Cassim and Alis son, Olli Baba. All seems lost, until Morgiana distracts the villains with the Dance of the Seven Veils and, with Jellipantas help, they are tied up and the way is clear for a happy ending.


Cast: 4 male, 3 female, 10 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Stephen Curtis » Ali Baba