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Rapunzel - Pantomime Scripts

Gothel the witch is obsessed by being beautiful and she achieves this by eating a magic plant from her garden. Liesl, her next door neighbour who is having a baby, has taken a fancy to eating the plant. She sends her husband, Kurt, over the garden wall to steal the leaves. Gothel catches Kurt and takes their new born baby as a punishment. She intends to keep the baby as it has the magic from the plant in her hair. She calls the baby Rapunzel and takes her to live in a tall tower with no door in it. Rapunzel's hair just grows and grows and Gothel uses it as a means to get in and out of the tower. Helga, Rapunzel's grandmother, never gives up hope of finding her and with the help of three robbers and the handsome Prince Leopold, they manage to track her down but will they be able to get her out of the tower? And will Gothel ever let her go?


Cast: 6 female 1 male 7 male or female




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Joy Davis » Rapunzel