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Little Red Riding Hood - Pantomime Scripts

Ivy Trellis, her son Ivor and her daughter Rose are about to be evicted from their village store because she is unable to pay the high rent imposed on her by Lord Jeers the local landowner. However, they hear the news from Ivan Axe, a traveller seeking work, that their Grandmother has won a large fortune on the National Lottery. Rose, known in the village as Little Red Riding Hood, Ivor and their friend Olivia, the Lord's daughter, set off to seek the help of their Grandmother who lives on the other side of Dark Wood. To save time, they decide to venture through the dangerous wood itself, where they come face to face with Wilbur the Big Bad Wolf and are attacked by the evil Trolls, led by Fleshcreep. However good triumphs over evil and a happy ending ensues.


Cast: 3 Male, 4 Female, 10 M/F Parts




Running Time:

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Home » Authors » Fred Aylin » Little Red Riding Hood