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A Comedy
by Claire Scott published April 2018


Suitable for Adult Groups

Price: 4.00

A challenging and very funny play about Xmas fairy lights, full of colourful characters and racy humour.


Theres almost a full year from the day the fairy lights go back to the loft and the day they are unpacked for another festive season. A very full and busy year. For them, not us. As the lights are unpacked once more the story of their year unfolds. Sometimes, sweet, sometimes harrowing, sometimes just plain daft, the fairy lights air their grievances and share their memories with us.


Players: 5 male 13 female


Cast: Darla, Claudine, Lola, Gloria, Kev, Savannah-Marie, Joe, Sharon, Andy, Evelyn, Brenda, Roxanne, Sue, Raylene, Jim, Flo, Billy, Kylie


Sets: An empty stage


Period: Present


Running Time: 35 minutes


Notes: Production Notes supplied


Download Sample Script: Tinsellitis


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Tinsellitis