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Home » One Act Play Scripts » Spiriting of Burd Ellen, The

Spiriting of Burd Ellen, The

by Ron Nicol published 2005


Suitable for Youth Groups

Price: £4.00

A lively, inventive, and often hilarious play for youth groups with a mediaeval setting. Runner-up in the 2004 Play On Words competition.


The Spiriting of Burd Ellen tells of the mysterious disappearance or spiriting of Burd Ellen, the daughter of King Arthur. Her brother Rowland consults the wizard Merlin, who suspects that Ellen has been spirited away by the Elves. Rowland sets out on a journey to the Dark Tower in the Land of Faery, where after a number of strange encounters he comes face to face with the eccentric King of Elfland, whom he has to outwit in order to save the day and his sister.


Players: Multiple - Doubling and Trebling if possible


Cast: Stage Manager, Stage Crew, Merlin, Childe Rowland, Burd Ellen, Queen Guinevere, Herdsman, Cowherd, Elfin King, Herd of Cows


Sets: Various


Period: Mythical


Running Time: 45 Minutes


Download Sample Script: Spiriting of Burd Ellen, The


ISBN: 1-904930-62-X




…a lovely play - a wonderful asset to children’s theatre …


Home » One Act Play Scripts » Spiriting of Burd Ellen, The