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One Act Play Scripts

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Pen Of My Aunt, The

by Gordon Daviot

This well-written and suspenseful drama is the work of Elizabeth Mackintosh, writing under the pen name of Gordon Daviot. She was born in Inverness in 1896, and enjoyed a successful career writing plays and novels of the mystery and thriller genre under the pen name of Josephine Tey.

Drama Suitable for Adult Groups


Pig Tale

by Ron Nicol

Pig Tale was shortlisted in the Youth section of the Drama Association of Wales One Act playwriting competition 2008, being described by the judge Angharad Elen as "by far the funniest play in the competition; the only play that made me laugh out loud, not once but several times. Ron Nicol has a wonderful and quirky sense of humour."

Comedy Suitable for All Groups


Please Don′t Tell

by Les Clarke

This compelling play by Les Clarke is about friendship, blackmail, revenge and love within a group of teenage friends. The cast is three girls and three boys (all 17-18).

Suitable for Youth Groups


Protest Meeting, The

by Gill Morrell

A comedy for six actors

Comedy Suitable for Adult Groups

Home » One Act Play Scripts